Akane Matsunaga
Japanese 松永 茜(まつなが あかね)
Romaji Matsunaga Akane
Age 3
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blond
Personal Status
Family Aoi Matsunaga (Brother)
Seiji Matsunaga (Uncle)
Kouichi Matsunaga (Father)
Misaki Matsunaga (Mother)
Status Alive
Debut Chapter 1

Akane Mastunaga is one of the main characters of Love So Life. She is the twin sister of Aoi Matsunaga and the niece of Seiji Matsunaga.


Akane is very loving and playful. A running gag of the series is that Akane is a glutton and will eat almost anything. Akane is usually very cheerful and does not think much about her actions. As she has become older, her speech has developed to normal child speech.


Akane has wavy blond hair and brown eyes. One way to differentiate her from her twin brother, Aoi, is by looking at her bangs, which are much shorter than his. Her hair may also seem a little longer than his.


Not much is known about their earliest years, but it has been said that Aoi's and Akane's mother died leaving their father shocked, where he later left the twins to Seiji's care before disappearing.