Takeru Miyagawa
Japanese 宮川健(みやかわ たける)
Romaji Miyagawa Takeru
Gender Male
Eye Color Dark
Hair Color Dark
Personal Status
Affiliation College
Family Kyouko Miyagawa (Mother)
Nanami Miyagawa (Sister)
Mana Miyagawa (Sister)
Occupation College Student
Status Alive
Debut Chapter 2

Takeru Miyagawa is Seiji's childhood friend and college student of a university. He is currently dating Rio Yoshī. Shiharu Nakamura's friend,


Takeru has dark spiked haired, much like Seiji's. He appears to be wearing casual clothes most of the time.


Takeru himself is childish, he likes to play with his sister, Mana and the twins, Aoi Matsunaga and Akane Matsunaga. He often takes visits to Seiji's house to play with his nephew and niece as they happen to be a neighbors.

Seiji was shown to be worried about Shiharu hanging out with Takeru because Takeru was known to jump into relationships. This is seen when Takeru started dating a girl but wasn't seriously into her as he was into Rio.


He has two younger sisters, named Nanami Miyagawa and Mana Miyagawa.